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Rendering with Flair is a breeze compared to rendering with offline renderers, as every frame is calculated in real-time! In fact, some computers can take longer to save image files to disk than to render them.

There are many ways to render images out of Maya, but we strongly recommend the tools that we have developed to get the best and most consistent results.

Table of contents

  • Viewport Renderer, RENDR in the Flair shelf, is simple tool to render individual frames and quick playblasts.

  • Flair Renderer, SEQ in the Flair shelf, is the go-to interface to render image sequences and AOVs.

  • Standalone Renderer allows to render in batch mode without opening the Maya interface using mayapy. An example script on how to use the Flair API is found under scripts/

These tools will allow you to render images of up to 16K resolution (16384×16384) with a graphics card supporting it (enough VRAM).