Art-direction Tools

Table of contents
  1. Table of contents

As stated in Getting Started, Art-direction is everything in Flair to achieve exactly the look you are after. For this purpose, we have created different tools at different levels of control to cover most of the interaction spectrum.

Levels of Control
The different levels of control in Flair along the interaction spectrum (high to low level).

We have already covered the use of style presets, global control attributes, material presets, material control attributes and proxy control materials. Now we continue introducing the tools to art-direct things further, even beyond just using globals and material attributes.

It’s important to remember that the art-direction at each level of control is bound to the 3D scene. However, one can easily export and import the art-direction across scenes using the Import/Export tool.

Table of contents

  • Bulk Attribute - BULK in the Flair shelf, is a convenience tool to change multiple materials in bulk (batch) at the same time.

  • NoiseFX - NFX in the Flair shelf, is a tool to procedurally assign effects onto the materials of selected objects.

  • VertexFX - VFX in the Flair shelf, is a tool to assign effects onto selected objects/components by painting on its vertices.

These tools cover the lower level of control and allow to polish the look with the right effects, exactly where they are needed.