Import/Export Nodes

Table of contents
  1. Import Node
    1. Available AOVs
  2. Export Node

The import and export nodes are required whenever the Flair graph is used as a plugin. They serve to import whatever data is required and export the end result to the viewport. As such, the Flair graph won’t work as a plugin if these two nodes are not used.

Import and Export nodes connected to each other
Import and Export nodes connected to each other.

Only one Import and Export node can be used per Flair graph.

Import Node

The import node allows to import render targets and uniforms (variables) from Autodesk Maya onto the Flair Graph. Render targets are only available on-demand, so they can be chosen from the import node properties when selected (see below).

Import node parameters
Import node parameters when the node is selected.

You can choose as many as necessary for the shader style, and you can request different render targets at any point. Just keep in mind that altering the order may break some connections from the import node.

Available AOVs

Target Contents
Albedo Albedo color with painterly shading
Lighting Diffuse lighting
Speclight Specular lighting
Shadows Cast shadow mask
Light control R - Light control, G - Toon regions, B - diffuse gradient \(\vec{n}\cdot\vec{L}\)
Normals and depth RG - Normals in tangent space (flow), B - Linear depth, A - Z-Buffer
Velocity and noise RG - Velocity in projection-space, BA - Fractalized noise
World positions RGB - World position in XYZ
Canvas RG - Canvas normals in tangent-space, b - Canvas heightmap
Alternate canvas RG - Alternate canvas normals in tangent-space, b - Alternate canvas heightmap
Pigment control RGB - Effect controls
Canvas control RGB - Effect controls
Edge control RGB - Effect controls
Abstract control RGB - Effect controls

Export Node

The export node allows to export the resulting image back to Autodesk Maya. The export node only accepts one input.